October 22nd, 2015

How to Develop Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence EQ

How to Develop Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ)by Susan Dunn

You’ve heard the phrase fake oakleys "IQ is what gets you through school. EQ is what gets you through life" Well, not only is the State interested in educating your child, but you’re probably doing lots of enrichment activities at home. But what have you been doing for that all important EQ, Emotional Intelligence? It’s a better indicator of future success than IQ, it matters more to health and happiness, and it can be learned.

First look to yourself. You’ve been teaching EQ all along. Now you’re going to get mindful about it. Every single interaction with your child is about EQ. adidas outlet You can’t teach you child what you don’t know. adidas pure boost

Next, start reading to your child from

The Children’s EQ Reading List. air jordan xx8

It’s designed to raise your child’s EQ. You’ll have a practical HOW TO, step by step section and instructions. You’ll also find exercises, games, toys, books, and activities wholesale oakleys you and your child can enjoy together, including our own line of emotionally intelligent toys, all based on solid scientific research. penny hardaway When administered to a 4 year old it’s a solid predictor of future success and happiness!Design an exercise that help your child learn to wait for things, to handle disappointment fake cheap oakleys and to persevere with a challenge. Children learn best with "just manageable" increments. nike pas cher

For instance, an age appropriate challenge for your 4 year old might be dressing herself in the morning (before she gets breakfast). Show and train for cause and effect she does something and something else happens. nike pas cher This is Personal Power!

What toys will help your child increase her EQ? oakley sunglasses replica I should let you know oakleys sunglasses upfront I’m the tin can and cardboard box type of Nana. cheap uggs With EQ it’s all "around" the toy, not what the toy is so much. new balance chaussures You could bake together, or have a conversation and teach/learn more, especially if the TV is TURNED OFF.

I think the Brainy Baby Videos, Left and Right Brain, and Children of the World fake oakley wholesale Sewing Cards from GeniusBabies are great:

I’m also quite serious about the cardboard box. Also fake cheap oakleys have around a pan and metal spoon for drumming, paper for making airplanes, always construction paper, scissors, glue, markers and pens. A sandbox. A large supply of something group oriented, like legos or Lincoln logs.

My "Learn EQ One Day at a Time Picture Calendar for Children" is multi level learning, as are all toys I recommend. Adidas France

Be sure and preserve the dignity of the occasion. Children have great dignity and we so often affront it. They know a plastic yellow and red fake wheelbarrow is not a real tool, for real work, like Dad has.

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