June 22nd, 2015

Kopin Set To Become An Earnings Powerhouse

(NASDAQ:KOPN). I believe it represents the most compelling pure play equity investment in the head worn wearables space today. This space is about to explode. Recall recent and relevant activity in the wearables space including, but not limited to:

Intel’s (NASDAQ:INTC) partnership with fashion eyewear maker
wholesale cheap oakley sunglasses LuxotticaIntel’s partnership with fashion player FossilIntel’s investment in smart glass pioneer Vuzix (OTCQB:VUZI)Lenovo’s partnership with Vuzix to distribute the M100 smart glass product in China and Asia at largeCES 2015 showcase of a number of head worn wearables devices from Sony (NYSE:SNE), Toshiba, ODG and othersGoogle’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) upgrade of the Glass group to a full operating division within the companySkully’s success raising capital for their smart motorcycle helmet productRecon Instrument’s imminent shipment of their Jet smart glass product for athletic verticalsI felt it was time to publish my personal views on the intrinsic value of Kopin along with a revenue/earnings range and share price estimate based upon my knowledge of the industry as well as market forecasts I have reviewed. I offer this information to the investing community at large as I see a huge market forming with no broadly recognized leader to have yet emerged.

A few words on Google Glass . many discount the smart glass/head mounted display market
cheap fake oakley sunglasses due to recent news regarding Glass’ demise. In my view, the Google Glass beta product was merely a catalyst, not an actual consumer product, to trigger formation of a global head worn
fake cheap oakleys wearables market. Glass suffered from a design problem forced upon it by the use of LCOS displays and required optics. Had Glass been launched as a device invisible to onlookers and housed in a pair of designer sunglasses, it would have been much more successful. A desirable fashion branded consumer smart glass product is coming, but not directly from Google. I don’t believe Kopin’s participation in
cheap wholesale oakleys the market was adequately captured, but I do agree with many of Ori’s overall market estimates and have used the following market dimensions for my forecast model:

2015 smart glass/HMD shipments to be at least 1M units annually2016 smart glass/HMD shipments to be over 4M units annually which I see skewed toward consumer products at attractive price points2018 smart glass/HMD shipments to be almost 20M units annually2020 smart glass/HMD shipments close to 74M units annuallyInside each of these annual shipment numbers are two primary segments: enterprise and consumer. Bear in mind that price points for PC class enterprise headsets will be much higher than the
oakleys sunglasses consumer products which I see as smartphone accessories selling in ever increasing numbers.

devices will solve real problems and enable hands free productivity gains across many industries. ROI will be
fake oakleys cheap obvious and many organizations will transition from laptops and tablets for many workers to wearable headsets such as Kopin’s Golden i platform.

devices gain acceptance when the display and optics are invisible to onlookers that is the appeal of Kopin’s Pupil optical engine. Once consumers see the killer app of discrete notification combined with voice driven personal
fake cheap oakley sunglasses assistant/navigation, smart glasses will become a "must have" smartphone accessory. I believe the real driver of the consumer segment will
fake oakley sunglasses be fashion branded smart glasses in the sub $500 price range. Think Oakley, Ray Ban and others.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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