June 22nd, 2015

Canberra Capitals’ Abby Bishop shows off the new ‘mascot’

Zala Kate Bishop is the five month
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Australian Opals and Capitals star Abby Bishop took custody of her niece in August last year, when Zala was just two days old.

She lies in a pram beside the court as the Capitals train, she travels with them to every WNBL match across the country and she is a comforting cuddle after every loss for the players who adore her.

Canberra Capitals star Abby Bishop with her five month month old niece Zala. Photo: Katherine Griffiths

"It was a spur of the moment thing, one week I was a normal 25 year old and the next week I had a baby. There was no pregnancy, so people were a bit surprised.

"From the moment we left the hospital I felt like she was mine and as time’s gone on
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"Obviously my life has changed, but all in a good way. It’s put basketball and life into perspective.

"I know I didn’t give birth to this little thing, but I still see her as one of
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Bishop was in Darwin for her niece’s birth in August last year.

Two days later, Bishop named Zala or "Zdog" as she known at the Capitals and the pair flew to Canberra. It was the first of many flights for Zala.

Her five months has already included Canberra’s taxing eight game, 37 day, 10,500 kilometre trip around Australia.

Zala was there for every match and she will be in the stands again as the Capitals take on the
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There are athlete mums spread through the WNBL and female sport, but Bishop’s situation is unique.

In the past five months she’s been on a rapid journey from international basketballer to 25 year old mother.

Her sister agreed to have Bishop look after Zala.

They are in regular contact about Zala’s life, sharing photos, videos and video phone calls to share Zala’s growth and changes.

Despite skipping the nine month pregnancy, Bishop, a 2012 Olympian, has embraced her overnight single mum status.

The lifestyle change and sleepless nights took their toll at the start Bishop admits she was stressed and lost weight.

But she has recovered and plans to have children of her own in the future.

"They do say you get a mother’s instinct when
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"I’ve always loved kids, and the switch just goes on. Even though I didn’t carry Zala for nine months, the switch did go on for me.

"Plus, Google is great as well. She’s been a really good baby."

Zala has become the Capitals’ "team baby" and mascot, joining the players on gruelling road trips, heartbreaking defeats and unexpected wins on a rollercoaster campaign.

Bishop’s boyfriend lives in Wollongong, her mum is based in rural Queensland and her sister is in Darwin.

It means Zala sits in her pram at the Belconnen Basketball Stadium when
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If she gets restless, coach Carrie Graf, a new mother to twins born by IVF, steps in as babysitter and perches Zala on her shoulder while barking orders on the court.

When the Capitals are on the road, relatives and friends of teammates or opponents take Zala during the game.

Ten minutes after the match, Bishop is back in control.

"The one thing about Abby is she’s got a
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Articles Connexes:

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